Seeking artists, musicians, singers, dancers, spoken word poets, and story tellers of all types to represent the talent, and cultural diversity, that makes Mid City a unique place to live in Los Angeles.  What sets this year's festival apart from prior years is that YOU, the artist, are creating the show -  YOU ARE THE MAIN ACT!  To learn more about submitting your own Artist Activation to be apart of the Mid City Arts & Music Festival please read the information below.


An Artist Activation is a fully curated artist exhibit, live performance, art installation, or cultural experience produced to fill 5 hours of programming at the festival.  Activations should be thoughtful, creative, experiential, sustainable, and completely self-sufficient, meaning that all staging, props, art, equipment, and other production related elements are the responsibility of the applicant.  We encourage applicants to think outside the box.  Don't be afraid to take risks, and try something new.  Originality, diversity, and overall production quality are all key factors in which submissions are approved.  A total of (8) Artist Activations will be approved to participate in this year's Mid City Arts & Music Festival. 


Each Artist Activation will have a 20 ft. x 30 ft. footprint along the festival route.  The activation should be designed to utilize the entire footprint.  Power, and a 10x10 canopy will be provided for each activation by the festival organizers.  A simple diagram of the 20 x 30 activation footprint must be included in the submission.    This can be a simple hand-drawn diagram.  Below are some samples of possible layouts for different types of activations:


Artist Activations must provide 5 hours of programming at the festival.  Some activations may be more challenging than others, and require more equipment, more artists, and more management, while others may be as simple as installing a live art wall, and artists to paint at the event throughout the day.  But most importantly, the activations must be able to fill 5 hours of programming.  ​This does not mean 5 hours of continuous play.  If the activation is live music, such as rap battles, or jazz, there may be a total of 40 mins of performance time every hour, with 20 min set breaks in between.  A detailed program schedule will be required with submissions.  In addition to the Artist Activation programming, approved applicants will get 20 mins on the Main Stage to perform in front of the festival.


Each accepted and approved Artist Activations will receive a $750 artist stipend to help with the production of the activation.  Half of the funds will be paid one month prior to the event, and the rest will be paid on the day of the festival.  Artist Activations will also have a chance to win up to $2,000 in prize money on the day of the festival:  $1,000 People's Choice Award, determined by the highest number of votes received on the day of the festival; and $1,000 Best in Show, awarded to the best Artist Activation based on a panel of judges scoring each activation on key factors such as production quality, originality, execution of vision, community engagement etc.  An awards ceremony will be held at the end of the festival naming the winners.

We look forward to receiving your submission for the Mid City Arts & Music Festival.  Please be sure to prepare all the required information before starting the application process.  We are excited to see you create.

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